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John Birmingham's largest body of work is as a filmmaker. John has been an artist, musician, actor and writer since childhood, and he combined these into filmmaking. He has made, sang and starred in two musical feature films, links below, and he is working on his third feature film which will be done SAG and as traditional Hollywood style as possible. He has had the priviledge to either star in or direct films involving legends such as Ed Asner, Pauly Shore, Fugazi, Peter Medak, Brandon Dicamillo, Chris Raab "Himself" and other legends.


RECENT TID BIT... John is teaching an amazing, awesome new...


...this is a class being offered in the Los Angeles area starting Feb. 2010. The classes will be offered over two consecutive weekends, on Sat./Sun. for approximately 6-8 hours each day. Cost for the class is only $197! You will walk away from the class having learned everything you need to know to be an actual filmmaker, and you will have Co-written, Co-produced and Co-directed a short film along with the other students, so WILL BE a filmmaker! If you like, you can choose to act in the film as well. You keep a copy of the final DVD. You also take home an additional feature legnth DVD that covers the basics learned in class as well as advice from successful filmmakers in the industry.

John's first feature film Crazy Animal ( was released March 31, 2009 through Troma Entertainment to much attention! For approximately one week's time, Crazy Animal was ranked the 930 most popular movie online by the Internet Movie Data Base (, beating out many A-list major motion pictures in popularity. See news/blog above for more information.

John's second feature film, The Vampires of Zanzibar (, completed Post Production as of Sept. 15, 2009. It will be sent off to film festivals soon, next with plans of landing a major sale in 2010 at Park City, UT during the Sundance Film Festival.

John is currently in development on his third feature film, a secret subject matter gay comedy, funny for straight and gay audiences, is a SAG production involving a handful of Hollywood greats that will be his most ambitious project as of yet, co-producing with filmmaker/actress Danica DeCosto and acclaimed commercial director/music producer Justin Jagoda. John will be stepping down on set from directing/line producing duties to solely concentrate on acting and creative producing.

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