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Our Goal

Our purpose is to create a timeless, emotional, beautiful wedding film that captures the spirit and essence of your wedding day. The bride, groom and both families, even generations to come can watch the movie again and again and get the same good feelings it generated when it was created.

Our History

Since 1997, married couple Danica DeCosto and John Birmingham have been working in film production, 8 of those years in Southern California, the heart of the movie industry.  They have undergraduate and graduate degrees from two of the best film schools (Chapman University and Loyola Marymount University).  John and Danica together are experts at operating HD and DV movie cameras, using high end editing software and producing all levels of films. John and Danica have grown to master both the technical and the aesthetic sides of making movies. Using their own equipment and experience, they are now making heart warming, timeless wedding videos for you and your loved ones!


John Birmingham | Danica DeCosto