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If you would like more information on working with John and Danica to produce one of your scripts or ideas for a movie, if you would like to executive produce (invest in a project), or even if you would like to just brainstorm or throw ideas back and forth, we are happy to talk! We can produce anything from comedy to children's films or nearly any genre you may have in mind. Please contact us today!

John and Danica first delved into feature films in 1997 working as extras and production assistants on large budget movies, independent films and tv shows. John was 19 and coming from Roanoke, Virginia, Danica was 20 and coming from Houston, TX. By the year 2000 John began working as a Production Designer with Full Moon Pictures at their high rise offices and mini studio on Hollywood and Vine and for other independent filmmakers.

John and Danica fully made their first feature film, Crazy Animal, in 2005 in Southern California. Crazy Animal is shot on both traditional 35mm Panavision movie cameras and in high end DV. Crazy Animal's purpose is to attract 18-25 males with enticing imagery, and once they are watching the film they will be brought to a higher moral place. The story involves frat boys on a quest to "hook up" with a house full of girls, but their plan goes awry. The film is completed, and John signed a deal with Troma Entertainment, now awaiting worldwide distribution scheduled for early 2009. Rated R.

John produced and directed his second feature film, The Vampires of Zanzibar, in the summer of 2007, and it is currently in post production phases, planning to send the first good cut to film festivals this October/November 2008. Actors and crew came from all over the world and the surrounding areas to Roanoke, Virginia, approximately 150 people, to make a truly amazing film. The purpose in creating this movie was to have the audience member question his or her own instinctual and moral purpose. The storyline weighs the instinct and morals of vampire kind against those of humankind and asks a prying question, "Which one is truly superior?" But truly the movie is entertaining and comedic throughout, with just a few moments of the aforementioned drama. The Vampires of Zanzibar is rated a light R with no nudity and may additionally have a PG or PG-13 cut to appeal to wider audiences.

John and his wife Danica are currently in development on a secret project, a gay themed comedy that intends to start shooting later 2009 or early 2010. It will be done with union actors and is planned to be our highest caliber, largest budget production to date.

Danica and John have multiple feature legnth comedy scripts, as well as children's scripts ready for production. To see more about our comedy genre films, click the link above. For more on our children's films, also in the fantasy/reality genre, click on our short films Imagination and Tir Nan Og.

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