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We can capture on digital video or film, and edit any event, theatre production, ceremony, major birthday party, sports or extreme sports event or anything you want filmed. Feel free to contact us now to talk more!


John Birmingham has worked as a Production Designer on five feature films and countless short projects. John got his start in Production Design in 1997 where he served on the art department on "Nobody Knows Anything," a large budget indy movie featuring Mike Myers, Ben Stiller, Jeanine Garofalo, Margaret Cho, and other names. He is available for hire as a Production Designer. Click here to see his reel from the year 2000. He has since decorated a 4 million dollar beach front Malibu home turning it into a Tiki restaurant for the film Lava Lounge and much more...

John and his wife Danica are both actors. Though appearing in tiny homemade roles and as an extra through childhood and his teen years, John didn't actually start acting until he was well into his 20s. As far as training, he has taken an undergraduate thesis level theatre acting class at Roanoke College and a graduate level film acting class at Chapman University. As far as his work experience, John stars in all of his feature films and has had cameo appearances and bit roles in many other productions. Additionally John has aided his wife Danica in teaching at some of the finest child acting schools, in Southern California. John is available for hire as an actor at nearly any time. Give him a call!

John and his wife Danica are both singers and are always willing to collaborate on the right project. Navigate to Music Videos on the site to see examples of them singing/making music.

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